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At The Clachnaharry Inn, we blend the charm of old Scotland with the pulse of today's Highlands. Nestled on the outskirts of Inverness, our lounge bar offers a perfect escape with stunning views and a friendly atmosphere.

Located in the quaint Clachnaharry, a stone's throw from Inverness, The Clachnaharry Inn offers stunning views of the Beauly Firth and Highland scenery. Situated on the famed NC 500 route, it's a perfect spot to enjoy the beauty of the Caledonian Canal and the serene Scottish Highland landscape.

Join us for a taste of our renowned cask ales and whiskies, and stay tuned for our upcoming food offerings that promise to delight. Here, every visit is like coming home to family and friends. Slàinte mhath!

Black and white photo of The Clachnaharry Inn signage, with the name in bold lettering mounted on the exterior wall of the historic Inverness pub, symbolizing its longstanding presence since 1700.
Inside The Clachnaharry Inn, a man and a woman stand behind the bar, smiling amidst an array of Scottish whiskies and real ales, including Belhaven Best and Fyne Ales, symbolizing the pub's rich tradition and family-run warmth
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Nestled in the heart of the Highlands, just a wee jaunt from Inverness, sits the Clachnaharry Inn, steeped in tales as rich as the whisky it serves. This bonnie gem, a family-run beacon of Highland hospitality, has witnessed stories as varied as the ales it pours. Perched on the NC 500, with views over the Beauly Firth, it’s where merry laughter and whispers of the past blend. From a humble fishing village inn to a cherished stop for travelers and locals, the Clachnaharry Inn remains a testament to Scottish charm and hospitality, where every pint and plate is a piece of history.

Slàinte mhath to the tales yet to be told!

Opening Hours

15h00 - 20h00
Tuesday/ Wednesday
15h00 - 22h00
12h00 - 22h00
Friday to Sunday
12h00- 23h00

Customers are to ORDER & PAY directly at the bar for a quick and easy experience.

You can also call: 014 63 23 9806 to make a reservation.

17-19 High St, Clachnaharry, Inverness IV3 8RB, United Kingdom

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What we offer
What we offer
Now Open!

Traditional Pub Menu

Now Open!

Traditional Pub Menu

Our new menu has been refreshed and renewed for the change of ownership. Revised by our Head Chef to bring you a taste of traditional Pub cuisine.

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Taste of liquor

Real Ales

Taste of liquor

Real Ales

Savor authentic Scotland at The Clachnaharry Inn with our real cask ales, a true taste of traditional Scottish brewing.

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Our Gallery


Our Gallery


Our gallery gives you a peak inside to The Clachnaharry Inn via the digital world.

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Whiskeys on offer

The Singleton: A smooth and approachable single malt Scotch whiskey, known for its rich, fruity, and balanced flavor profile.

Glenfiddich: One of the most awarded single malt Scotch whiskeys, Glenfiddich is known for its pear and apple notes, with a subtle oak finish.

Old Pulteney: A maritime-influenced Highland Scotch, Old Pulteney offers a unique combination of briny, salty notes with a sweet and smooth finish.

Talisker Skye: An Island single malt with a peaty, smoky character, balanced by notes of citrus sweetness and a spicy finish.

The Macallan: Renowned for its rich and complex character, often with sherry cask influences, offering notes of dried fruits, spices, and chocolate.

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